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Landlines are Expensive and Unreliable

IP Alarms have been in the Alarm Monitoring business for three decades and we understand the problems faced by Alarm Installers, Businesses and Home owners alike when alarm signaling networks become outdated. This is what has happened with the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) and not only is it expensive for consumers to retain a phone line solely for the purpose of monitoring their alarm system, but they are no longer reliable. We fully understand how important alarm calls are and we developed the VoIP2Go Voice over IP network to overcome the biggest problem ever faced by the Electronic Security Industry: Alarm systems failing to communicate over telephone lines.

IP Phone
Modern Web
Mobile Friendly

What makes IP Alarms Different?

We have an in-depth understanding of both alarm monitoring and Voice over IP technologies. We know how to make them work together and we provide solutions to consumers who are stuck to their Telco solely because of their alarm system. We go that extra mile to make sure your migration away from telephone lines is as simple and affordable as possible.

Quality Network

All Alarm Formats Supported
Crystal Clear Phone Calls

Modern Platform

Manage via your Smart Phone
Multiple Devices - Single Account

Unmatched Uptime

Multiple Failover Technolgies
Geographic Redundancy

Fanatical Support

Whether by Phone or Email...
We'll do our best to help

Don't believe the myth that Alarm Systems do not work over VoIP Thousands use our service every day to monitor alarms over the Internet

If your Alarm System is failing to communicate - it's time to take matters into your own hands!

Alarm Monitoring and Phone Service

Our network is not just for monitoring alarm systems - you can make crystal clear phone calls to anywhere in the world. You can use any make or model of VoIP equipment and we can manage Cisco, Grandstream or Obihai devices to fully automate mass deployment if you have dozens or even hundreds of alarm or phone systems to upgrade.

Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring Centers

Alarm Receiving Platform

Whether you want an IP upgrade for your single line receiver or want to use cutting edge Cloud based Virtual Receivers to process hundreds of signals per second - we have an Alarm Receiving solution for you. If you are just getting started, then we can provide you with a Cloud based Operator Alarm Queue so that your operators can handle events from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Cisco SPA112

Alarm Dealers

Affordable Migration

We can provide you with solutions that interface with any Security or Medical Alarm System and transmit signals in any alarm format with support for two way voice into the Central Station of your choice. We provide you with a web portal to manage your accounts and troubleshoot communications. If you are looking to upgrade your systems to IP then look no further than IP Alarms.

Mobile VoIP


Any Panel - Any Monitoring Company

Not only can you use our VoIP2Go network to reliably monitor your alarm system with your existing monitoring provider, you can use it to make calls to regular phone numbers too. Use an IP Phone at the office, a VoIP adapter at home, software on your computer or an App on your smart phone - all from a single account. All of this for just $5 per Month on a PayPal subscription with no contract.

Phone Service Features

Why our Customers choose Us

New Start Alarm and Monitoring Companies choose IP Alarms because our Cloud based solutions allow them to get out of the starting blocks very quickly with little or no outlay. Consumers choose us because our service is so easy to understand and so simple to setup. Others choose us because we provide niche features that our competitors refuse to offer. Whatever the reason, we appreciate your business and promise to keep thinking outside the box.


If you are a manufacturing company and have a requirement to transmit alarm events over IP to a server, then IP Alarms may well be the technical partner for you. When you embed our technology into your product, your Customers will have many monitoring providers to choose from. Call us to find out how our technology can receive signals from your communication equipment and distribute it to any Alarm Monitoring Center worldwide.

Use our alarm signaling and receiving technologies plus our web based platform as your entry point into the business of Alarm Monitoring. Use our Cloud based event monitoring application to display signals in an online Alarm Queue easily accessible by your operators from any web enabled device. Our web platform and Smart Phone app's are easily customized so you can promote your brand from the outset.

Quite simply, we can receive alarm signals on your behalf, place them into an Alarm Queue and make them available to any authorized member of your staff via the Internet. Focus on running your core business rather than worrying about alarm receivers, formats and transmission paths.

IP Alarms have developed technology that can upgrade your existing alarm panel so that it uses your Internet connection instead of a phone line to send signals to your Alarm Company. It does not matter what make or model it is, or how old it is - it can be upgraded. You will benefit from a smart phone app and the option of adding IP cameras to your account so that you can receive images to verify events.

Whether you are an Alarm Dealer, Systems Integrator, Tech Company or Monitoring Center, IP Alarms can help you migrate your security and medical alarm systems away from PSTN landlines and into the future-proof world of IP. Alarm signal communication failures over telephone lines are increasing daily as Telco's switch to using IP networks and consumers migrate their phone service to VoIP. IP Alarms have developed several different technologies and solutions to overcome these issues and hopefully one of them will be suitable for your Company.

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Alarm Monitoring Solutions...

DTMF Decoder
Cloud based
DTMF Alarm Receiver
Decodes Contact ID
Forwards into
Alarm Queue
Cloud based
Operator Alarm Queue
for handling events
without a receiver
or software
Alarm Service
Direct to consumers
No long term contract
Partnered by Nationwide
Digital Monitoring
New York
SIP Trunking
Specifically for
Alarm Monitoring Companies
when anything other than
maximum quality is not
an option

Plans and Pricing



Per Month

  • Calls existing Alarm Co
  • Requires Cisco SPA112
  • Optional VoIP on Line 2
  • Volume Discounts
  • No Contract

Self Monitoring


Per Year

  • Automated Alarm Platform
  • IP Camera Recording
  • Alerts via Email
  • Email2SMS allowed
  • Remote Arm not supported

Full Dispatch


Per Month

  • Monitoring by Live Operators
  • AlarmNet IP and Cellular
  • DSC IP and Cellular
  • Direct to Consumers
  • No Contract

Alarm + Phone


Per Month

  • Calls existing Alarm Co
  • Requires Cisco SPA112
  • Phone Service on Line 2
  • 500 minutes to US and Canada
  • Additional minutes 1c

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