Remote Programming

Alarm panels using VoIP Optimize or VoIP Repair can be downloaded over the subscribers existing voice service. VoIP Optimize and VoIP Repair do not get involved in the process of remote programming at all and have absolutely no effect on the success or failure of downloading sessions.

Whether the subscriber uses POTS, VoIP or a Cellular network, the alarm panel will have a phone number. That phone number can be used to dial into the alarm panel modem in the same way that it was done prior to the subscriber experiencing alarm signaling issues. Just because an alarm panel is unable to reliably transmit alarm signals to a Central Station, it does not necessarily follow that it will no longer be downloadable via remote programming. In many cases, downloading will continue to work just fine.

Upload/Download of alarm panels can be troublesome at the best of times, so there is always a risk that the introduction of VoIP into the equation will make it less reliable, or even prevent it from working all together. There are many reports of remote programming working well over various 3rd party VoIP networks and it is often just a case of experimenting with a few settings on either end. The use of the G711 Codec is essential to achieving a stable connection when using VoIP and disabling any Echo or Silence features is also important.

If remote programming is absolutely essential to your business and it is not sufficient for VoIP Optimize or VoIP Repair to fix just the alarm signaling problem, then you may want to look at using our VoIP Maximise or 100% IP AlarmCloud technology that allows you to do remote programming of any make or model of alarm panel over IP. More Detail...