The different types of VoIP Provider

There are two main types of VoIP used by consumers. The first is bundled by a Cable Company along with Internet and TV. The second type is often referred to as Internet VoIP which is provided by a third party like Vonage. Alarm service usually works well over Cable VoIP but not so well over a 3rd party VoIP network. This is where our VoIP Solutions can help Alarm Dealers to retain their subscriber base after they migrate to VoIP.

Our solutions can work with all VoIP Providers

IP Alarms technology was developed specifically to address the problems that arise when sending alarm signals over a VoIP network and the goal is to do this regardless of the VoIP provider network or VoIP equipment being used. Alarm Dealers need not concern themselves with what type of VoIP is being used by their alarm monitoring subscriber as VoIP Repair can even receive signals over Skype, Ooma and MagicJack.

VoIP Installation Companies

If you are an IT or Tech company and install VoIP in homes or businesses, then we can work together to optimize equipment and networks to your exact requirements. We can work with you on provisioning profiles for popular devices like Cisco, Obihai and Grandstream. Whether it's SIP, RTP, SDP or DNS SRV - we talk your language.