VoIP Optimize

Many alarm monitoring subscribers ask if they can use their existing Internet connection, VoIP service and equipment with their security alarm system. You can with our VoIP Optimize solution. It can be done even when your VoIP equipment is locked and you do not have access to the programming section of your alarm panel.

Most VoIP equipment and networks are setup by default for voice communication between two people. Unfortunately, these settings prevent your alarm panel from communicating correctly with the Central Station and alarms often do not get to where they need to be - on a monitoring operator screen.

How does VoIP Optimize work?

When your alarm panel makes a call over your VoIP service to a VoIP Optimize phone number, it will say something like "I want to connect to Central Station 123 using network settings A, B and C". VoIP Optimize replies with the answer "I can connect you to Central Station 123 but we have to use network settings X, Y and Z". Even though your VoIP service may not use X, Y and Z settings by default, they are supported by most VoIP equipment and networks and the call can go ahead using settings optimized for alarm monitoring instead of a person to person chat.

Please note that you must be able to program a new VoIP Optimize phone number into the alarm panel, or have your VoIP adapter or service provider redirect calls to a VoIP Optimize phone number when your alarm panel dials the Central Station. If this is not possible, you will need to use one of our alternative VoIP solutions.