Ooma VoIP Service

When asked the question as to whether or not alarm systems work with Ooma, even Ooma themselves will give the answer that a landline should be kept for this purpose. That's not what Ooma Customers want to hear, so here are some suggestions that may help you get your alarm system to work with Ooma.

Ooma Linx

Firstly, you will need a way to physically connect your alarm panel to your Ooma equipment. You will need the Ooma Linx in order to do this as the Telo does not have an RJ11 telphone port. Once connected, you will need to use our IP Clean service to repair alarm signals that will almost certainly be corrupted on their journey over the Internet to our servers.

Alarm Panel Programming

Unless you know how to redirect the phone number dialed by your alarm panel, you will need to change the number to a special IP Clean number from the Installer programming section of your alarm panel. Your alarm company may have locked your panel which will prevent you from gaining access to the programming sections. They may be able to dial into your panel and change the phone number for you. The second thing you need to confirm is that your alarm panel uses the Contact ID alarm format (about 80% do). The IP Clean service only supports Contact ID.

IP Alarms provide some phone numbers for testing your system and all that remains is to trigger some alarms to confirm they arrive safely on the IP Clean server. If they do, then you have the option of using the IP Clean service.

Staying with your existing Alarm Company

The IP Clean service runs as part of the IP Alarms AlarmCloud platform. We have the ability to forward signals into any monitoring company that supports our AlarmCloud Client software. We do not currently have the ability to forward signals into any monitoring company over a regular phone line, so please visit our web site regularly for progress reports on when we will be able to do this.

A great alternative to using Ooma is to use the VoIP2Go voice over IP service. They have VoIP servers all over the USA and Canada and have recently added two new server in Los Angeles.