VoIP Maximize

IP Alarms developed custom alarm monitoring firmware for the highly robust Cisco range of VoIP adapters way back in 2006. We named the service VoIP Maximize as it offers the maximum reliability and flexibility of all our VoIP technologies. The custom firmware allows us to take full control over the internal settings of the Cisco device, which in turn allows us full control over the network connection between an alarm panel and Central Station.

PSTN Emulation

We are able to tune the network so finely that it is as close as you can get to PSTN quality over an IP network. This allows the use of all DTMF, FSK and Pulse alarm formats plus reliable two-way voice and remote programming capabilities. We build denial of service protection and IP redundancy into the network and then our telco partner puts calls directly back onto the PSTN bypassing any middle men.

No Learning Curve

Installation of the Cisco devices is as close as you can get to Plug & Play at the alarm panel end and there is absolutely nothing to be done at the alarm receiver end. Calls reach the alarm receiver over a PSTN line and the receiver sends a handshake and kiss-off just as it always has done, so there is nothing for monitoring center staff to learn. The only difference with VoIP Maximize is that signals leave the protected site over the Internet instead of a phone line.