Alarm Monitoring with Google Fiber

If your subscribers have been making the switch to Google Fiber, you will already know that it does not include phone service for you to connect their alarm panel into. Sure, you can offer your Customers a cellular unit, but our various IP based technologies present a much more cost effective solution. With our IPtoPOTS service, you can use 'off the shelf' Cisco VoIP adapters at under $50 to receive signals over your subscribers Google Fiber connection straight into your POTS receivers.

Utilize existing VoIP equipment and Service

You also have the option of allowing your subscribers to use their existing VoIP adapter and network to transmit signals to our AlarmCloud platform for forwarding into your facility. Once we receive and validate signals using our IP Clean technology, they can be forwarded into your automation software over IP. This is the most cost effective alarm system upgrade on the market and aids your Customer retention.

Alarm Panel Remote Programming

Google Fiber is available in Kansas City and scheduled for Austin, TX and Provo, UT. Alarm Companies in areas where Google Fiber is being rolled out are reporting large numbers of their subscribers abandoning AT&T and their Uverse voice service which effectively leaves them without monitoring service. Where cellular or radio networks are used for alarm signal transmission, the problem of how to retain the ability to remotely program alarm panels is being raised. Our universal solution for Upload Download is ideal in this situation as it allows the use of very low cost IP adapters at the alarm panel end. A custom provisioned Cisco VoIP adapter can be used in your office to dial into any of your alarm panels over the Internet.