Voice Link®

If you live in Fire Island and your telephone line was damaged by hurricane Sandy, you will be aware that it may not be possible for Verizon to repair their phone and DSL Internet network. Their preference is to restore phone service using their Voice Link® device which connects to their Verizon Voice Link® Wireless service. This is fine for making phone calls to family and friends, but Verizon have made it clear that your security alarm and medical alert system will not work with Voice Link®.

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What is the problem with Voice Link®?

The vast majority of security and senior care systems use DTMF tones to send their messages to an alarm monitoring center and these tones are badly corrupted when sent over cellular networks. AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, has voiced concerns over Verizon’s intention to replace wireline networks in parts of New York and the surrounding areas. Compatibility issues with Life Alert and Security Alarm systems are their primary concern.

What is the Answer?

IP Alarms and long term partner Nationwide Digital Monitoring, who are located just around the corner in Freeport, have worked together to overcome the problems of using Voice Link® and security alarm systems over a cellular network. Together, we are able to reliably receive alarm signals and then have professionally trained operators take the appropriate action when alerts are raised.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (Senior or Life Alert) that work in Call-Back mode are already supported and IP Alarms are in the process of developing support for systems that work in Follow-On mode. All of NationWide Digital’s operators are fully trained and have the capability of handling any type of 2-Way voice situation.