Wireless Motion Sensor

Wireless sensors have a Lithium battery life of around 5 years and as they are already connected when they leave the factory it is not necessary to open up the plastic case and make connections. When the battery runs out, we simply send you a new motion sensor. If you must, sensors can be opened up and fixed to a wall with screws, however, they are so lightweight that it's usually much more convenient to peel back the sticky pads and attach the device to a suitable location without drilling holes into home decor.

Wireless Motion Sensor

Programming a Motion Sensor into the System

Go to the Advanced menu in cPad by using the 'menu' button and entering your password.

Keep pressing the menu button until 'Add Wireless Sensor' is displayed on cPad.

Press the ‘#’ button to select this option and then trigger the sensor by moving in front of it.

Press the ‘#’ button for Yes and then name the sensor.