cPad - Power-up and You are Monitored

The aim of this security system is to make installation and Central Station setup as simple as possible. The FCC certified cPad and wireless sensors leave the factory with batteries already connected so there is no need to open them up. Simply remove sensors from their packaging, fix them to a wall in the desired location and you're done.

Virtual Monitoring

Central Station Integration

GPRS communications are built into the main board of the cPad, so Central Station setup is a breeze. No more requirement to enter account codes, phone numbers, alarm formats or any other options as it is all done for you before the panel leaves the factory.


Alarm activations are sent into the AlarmCloud platform which then forwards each signal to the relevant Central Station. cPad removes the complexity of alarm communications and gets signals to where they need to be with the minimum amount of fuss. All events are logged into an online database and available 24/7 from any web enabled device.

Local and Remote Features

The cPad is ideal for DIY self monitoring applications where the user does not require the assistance of live operators. It can make phone calls and play a 20 second voice recording or it can send out SMS alerts. These options are easily programmable from the buttons on the cPad when following the prompts on the LCD menu.

You can arm and disarm the system remotely from our freely available smart phone app or by sending an SMS to the cPad phone number. If you make a phone call into cPad, it will send you and SMS meesage with the status of the system. All of this is done over a GSM cellular network so you no longer need to worry about telephone line cut.

Home Automation

The Light Control Module allows nine rooms with ten 100V-230V electrical switches per room to be connected and controlled directly from cPad or from a phone call into cPad. 12V electrical door locks can be operated like regular locks or electronically from cPad.

Temperature Monitoring and Logging

There are many applications where you may want to monitor the temperature of a fridge or other equipment. cPad allows you to do this with the addition of a temperature sensor which logs changes in temperature into our web platform database. The solution is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant (FDA) in the USA and helps prove that medicines or other items have been maintained within acceptable temperature limits.

Virtual Monitoring

Audible Warnings

cPad has the ability to raise many different types of alert, however, sometimes a good old fashioned siren is required to deter intruders from hanging around.

The cPad siren has a high power battery and activates if any wires are cut or disconnected from the main system. A maximum of ten sirens can be connected and they will cut off after a programmable time between eight seconds and fifteen minutes.