LinkedIn Alarm Monitoring Group

This is where thousands of top executives from the worlds leading electronic security companies come together to discuss topics relevant to opportunities and problems that face the alarm monitoring industry today. There is a specific focus on the various technologies that can be used to migrate systems away from sunsetting technologies like PSTN and 2G GSM.

We have taken a small sample of discussions that have taken place to show potential new members what they are currently missing out on. If you have something constructive to say, then we'd love to have you join our group. We have a zero tolerance policy on spam, so you don't need to waste your time filtering rubbish before you find something interesting. Here are some ongoing discussions....

Why the Alarm Monitoring Group is so Popular

If you are a member of several groups on LinkedIn, you will no doubt have noticed that many groups are riddled with spam. They are full of useless posts containing nothing of interest to the group and only seek self promotion. This is simply not tolerated in the Alarm Monitoring Group and anyone that starts a self promoting thread is prompty removed from the group. New members may be allowed a single warning, but quite often it's an immediate ban.

This makes for a refreshing experience for our members who do not have to wade through pages of nonsense trying to find a discussion that interests them. We get the odd heated argument, but that's all part of healthy discussion.

There is a lot happening in our industry at the moment and almost every security business is undergoing some kind of change. The group is an ideal place to research what direction the industry as a whole is taking and how your business should position itself to take advantage. Here are links to some older discussions:

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