Creating a new Service Call

When you are part way through handling an event and in a conversation with the Customer, if it turns out to be a false alarm due to a problem of a technical nature then it is often convenient to schedule a service call for the Service Manager or a technician. This can be done by clicking on the Service button while on the Operator Action page. You do not need to schedule an appointment when creating the service as this may need to be done later on by the Service Manager who knows the availablity of his technicians.

Update an active Service

Once the Customer has been contacted to arrange an appointment, the time of the appointment and further technical information about the service can be entered by operators with data entry permissions.

A list of outstanding services can be viewed from the Reports menu at any time. When a service is complete, it can be closed down so that it no longer appears in the list. Whether you add, update or close down a service call within the AlarmCloud platform, each action is logged into the database for audit purposes.