Operator Action Page

This page displays all the relevant Customer data necessary for an operator to make decisions on how best to handle an event. An operator can view a list of current events for the account, all zones and users of the system, a list of contacts, any doctor or medical information, alarm panel data plus a history of past events.

Alarm History

You can define your own Action List items to suit the operation of your company. The operator should work their way through each required action in the list until a satisfactory resolution has been found.

Operator Action

By clicking on the action list the operator is taken to a page with a list of pre-defined resolutions. You can add your own resolutions to the list.

Operator Comment

When a resolution has been selected, the operator can enter free form comments to explain what action has been taken. Once the operator has decided on a final resolution, they can finalize the event so that it no longer appears in the Alarm Queue. You can finalize a single event, or all current events for a single Customer account. All operator actions, comments and finalizing are logged into the database for an audit trail and email alerts can be sent to an administrator when certain criteria is met.