Alarm Queue

The Alarm Queue contains a list of events that require action from an operator. The type of action taken will depend on the priority of the event. High priority emergency events will automatically go to the top of the list if the Alarm Queue grid is ordered by Priority. There is an option to order the queue by date and this is useful on a temporary basis when there are a large number of events in the queue.

The Alarm Queue automatically checks the server every ten seconds for new events. You will notice that the time at the top of the page is updated to reflect this. The time in the Alarm Queue should match the time on your computer clock. If you notice that the time in the Alarm Queue is not updating, then an error message will display if there is a problem at the server end. If there is no error message, then you may have lost connection with the server and you should check your Internet connection.

If your Internet connection is good but you continue to experience problems, then you should log off the current server and log on to an alternative server. Your adminstrator will advise you of the location of each server you are allowed to use.

Manual Signal

As an operator, you sometimes need to manually generate an event so that you can enter comments for audit/logging purposes. This can be done from the Utilities Menu at the top of the Alarm Queue page. The New Event sound will not play when you manually generate a new event.