VoIP Solutions

Please learn about our different VoIP Solutions and decide which one is most suitable for your application. Some of our solutions allow you to use your existing VoIP equipment, but if that's not possible, you can always use off the shelf Cisco VoIP adapters.

VoIP2Go Back to Base compatible VoIP Service

In applications where the Customer prefers just a single service for making phone calls, the VoIP2Go Premium VoIP Plan is ideal. Alarm calls are handled differently to regular voice calls and signals can be sent reliably to any back to base monitoring company in Australia.

Cisco VoIP Equipment

You can purchase Cisco SPA112 or SPA3102 VoIP adapters online or from a local supplier. Negotiate your own pricing and trading terms to get the best possible deal. You can easily download our custom firmware by logging into our platform and entering the IP address of the device. That's all there is to it.

Alarm Company Rates

You qualify for Bureau rates when you connect ten or more Customers. There's no need to worry about ongoing monthly sales commitments as discounts are based on the overall number of connections you have made. The more Customers you connect, the less you pay for activation fees. Quite simply, upgrade systems at your own pace.

Total Number of Customers Activation Fee Per Account Monthly Fee
10+ $10 $1.50
50+ $7 $1.25
100+ $5 $1.00

Pay for service with a PayPal Subscription

PayPal subscriptions are an easy way to manage monthly payments. Your monitoring service will commence shortly after we receive confirmation from PayPal that you have started a subscription and it will end as soon as we receive notification that you have cancelled your subscription. The subscription is between you and PayPal and you can cancel it at any time without even notifying us. Please understand that there is a cost involved in setting up an account and that the setup fee is non-refundable, even if you change your mind and do not use the service.

Account Activation Fee $29.00
Monthly Subscription (maximum 10 calls per month) $4.95
Monthly Subscription (maximum 100 calls per month) $8.95

If your alarm system makes more than 100 calls per month to the monitoring company, then there is a cost of 4 cents per call. This represents a huge saving on the 25-50 cents those calls are costing you today over your phone line.