Send Alarm Signals to Tyco over your Internet Connection

If you want to use your Internet connection instead of your phone line, you probably won't get the answers you are expecting from Tyco. They want all of their Customers to stay on phone lines because they make huge amounts of money each month from telephone rebates each time a Tyco alarm panel makes a call to their monitoring centre. Don't let this deter you - we have many Tyco Customers using our NBN Upgrade service to transmit alarm signals to Tyco over their Internet connection.

In many cases, you can use your existing VoIP service and equipment to send signals, however, this will depend on whether you have access to the programming section of your alarm panel or the settings in your VoIP equipment. This setup is very popular with our tech-savvy Customers and we provide phone numbers for you to run tests. Others prefer the Plug & Play simplicity of using a Cisco SPA112 VoIP adapter that can be purchased at many consumer electronic stores or online for around $50-60.

The end result is always the same - your alarm panel uses your Internet connection to send signals to Tyco and you free yourself from your PSTN line and expensive call costs.

IP Alarms offer three months free service so that you can confirm your alarm system works reliably over a long period of time. If you like the service we offer after the three months trial period, then our ongoing service costs just $4.95 per month and is payable via a PayPal subscription that you can cancel at any time without notice. Unlike Tyco, we do not need to lock our Customers into a contract. We offer a service and the option for you to use it.