SNP Security

SNP Security operate two Grade A1 Monitoring Centres in Newcastle and Sydney, however, even though they may well contain the most modern monitoring infrastructure in the security industry, you will probably not get the answers you are looking for if you ask them to switch you from using your phone line to your Internet connection for back to base alarm monitoring.

SNP are one of the best security monitoring companies in Australia and there's no need to look elsewhere just because they are not as IP savvy as you expected. You can use the IP Alarms NBN Upgrade Service and an easy to install VoIP adapter to transmit alarm signals over your Internet connection instead of your phone line. SNP Security will not even know you've changed anything as alarm signals reach them via their phone lines just as they always have done.

NBN Upgrade Added Value

If the savings you make from disconnecting your phone line plus avoiding expensive phone calls to premium rate numbers aren't enough to convince you to use our service, then perhaps the added line supervision is the incentive you are looking for. Our platform will alert you, or any number of your contacts via email or SMS within minutes should your Internet connection fail. You'll also get to keep an eye on SNP Security's performance as a copy of each signals is stored in our platform for you to view at any time.