IP Alarm Monitoring with Paul-Tec

Whether you want to monitor your Harvey Norman Security System or your Aged Care Personal Monitoring System over the Internet, the NBN Upgrade Service from IP Alarms is all you need so you can finally get rid of your costly phone line. Whether you use an 'off the shelf' Cisco VoIP adapter with custom NBN firmware, or you use your existing VoIP equipment and service, IP Alarms can provide a solution that can reliably transmit alarm signals over the Internet into the Paul-Tec back to base monitoring centre. Depending on which option you select, there are usually no programming changes required at your alarm panel or at Paul-Tec.

NBN Upgrade

If the NBN has reached your town, then you do not have to pay for the costly UNI-V port to keep your back to base alarm monitoring service working. You can just as easily use a UNI-D port and a VoIP adapter to send alarm signals to Paul-Tec. Regular VoIP service can be tricky to get working with alarm systems and does not come with any redundancy. IP Alarms understand that alarm signals have a higher priority than simple voice communications and have accordingly built redundancy into our network.

Naked DSL

Many of our Customers use Naked DSL to transmit alarm signals into their monitoring centre and our NBN Upgrade service is compatible with Paul-Tec. Whatever the alarm panel, whatever the alarm format, we will get your signals into Paul-Tec over the Internet.