IP Alarms provide the most technically advanced and cost effective alarm upgrades for the NBN

Using 1300 numbers for alarm transmission over traditional PSTN phone lines is very expensive and a switch to the NBN is the ideal time to review all your options for Back to Base alarm monitoring. Alarm signals sometimes do not work correctly over the NBN and it is often difficult to determine which port should be used on the NBN equipment. IP Alarms can show you that it is perfectly reliable to use either of the UNI-V or UNI-D ports as part of our alarm signaling solutions. Our various NBN upgrade technologies are compatible with all alarm panels, all alarm formats and alarm receivers.

Cisco SPA112

What are the advantages of an NBN upgrade?

The main advantage is that monitored sites can switch from using telephone lines to using an Internet connection instead. This can result in significant cost savings for most sites. There is no requirement for any reprogramming of equipment at either end and the alarm receivers at the monitoring centre will be unnaffected. The use of our technology and solutions allow alarm Techs to provide additional features like phone apps and IP Camera recording to their Customers.

How does it work?

When our custom alarm monitoring firmware is downloaded into a Cisco VoIP adapter, it enables it to act as an IP alarm transmitter that has full control of the IP network environment between an alarm panel and the monitoring company. The device makes a call over the Internet via our Data Centre and is switched back onto the PSTN network where it is connected to an alarm receiver. In summary, calls go out from the protected site via the Internet and into the Back to Base control room over a PSTN phone line.

Enhanced Customer Experience with Video Verification

As an Alarm Tech, it is difficult to justify the cost of any equipment upgrade to your Customers. That's why we have bundled Video Verification and a smart phone app with our NBN Upgrade. Not only do we provide you with a web portal to manage all your accounts, we provide web logins to your Customers too. Your Customers can use our platform to send out email and SMS alerts to any number of contacts and they can easily add IP Cameras to their account so they receive event images too. These are features that your Customers will appreciate on top of your standard monitoring service.

Protect your Investment in GSM/GPRS Backup Equipment

The Cisco SPA3102 IP Router can function as part of a dual path solution by allowing GSM backup. When an alarm panel or dialler dials the primary phone number, the signal goes via the Internet if available. If the signal fails, the panel will dial it's secondary phone number and the signal is passed through to the connected GSM backup device. The SPA3102 can be connected to any GSM backup device that supports DTMF dialling. This flexibility allows you to protect your investment in existing GSM backup equipment.