IP Monitoring with Chubb Security

The Bosch, Ness and other alarm panels used by Chubb can easily be upgraded to IP so that you can disconnect your PSTN landline and make savings. Not only will you save on the monthly cost of the phone line but you will also avoid the cost of expensive phone calls each time your alarm system makes a call to the Chubb monitoring centre. Whether you have the NBN or naked DSL, it's simple to use your Internet connection instead of your phone line for back to base alarm monitoring.

Once you get over the initial shock of what Chubb Security would charge to upgrade your system, the simplest and most cost effective method of migrating your system to IP is to use an 'off the shelf' Cisco or Linksys VoIP adapter which will cost you around $50. IP Alarms have developed custom firmware for these devices that turn them into IP Alarm Communicators. We will provide you with a username and password for our web platform so you can log in at any time and download the firmware into your device.

Option to use your own VoIP equipment

If you are tech savvy and have existing VoIP equipment and service, we will provide you with all the technical assistance you need in order to use it with our NBN Upgrade service. It is often possible to use our service even if your VoIP equipment and alarm panel are locked down and you do not have any access to internal settings. In some cases, you may need to make changes to one or the other to get things working. Worse case scenario - you'll have to purchase an unlocked VoIP adapter to get the job done.

Additional benefits of the NBN Upgrade Service

Currently, if your phone line is cut, Chubb Security do not get to know about it until your system misses it's next test signal. This might be daily, weekly, monthly or not at all. The IP Alarms platform receives regular heartbeats from Cisco devices with our custom firmware and we will alert you within minutes if your connection to our server is lost.

Depending on the alarm format programmed into your Chubb alarm panel, you will see a copy of all alarm signals in our web platform. You can have our platform send out emails or SMS to any number of contacts and keep a check on how long it takes Chubb to respond to events at your home or business.