ADT stance on IP Alarm Monitoring in Australia

Whenever we are approached by a Customer of ADT, we always ask what they were told by ADT when they asked if they could use their Internet connection to monitor their back to base alarm system. The answers are simple and effective in their goal of deterring Customer interest in IP Monitoring.

"IP Monitoring is not Industry Standard"

This is simply not true. There are clearly defined standards for the Security Industry and IP Monitoring is growing in popularity due to the onset of the NBN. Many of ADT's competitors use IP Monitoring solutions and even ADT themselves have information on their web site ADT IP Connect singing the praises of IP Alarm Monitoring.

The Real Reason ADT do not want you to use IP or GPRS

Quite simply, each time an ADT alarm panel dials their monitoring centre, they receive a healthy rebate from their telephone company. If they allowed their Customers to use IP or GPRS instead of a PSTN phone line, then they would lose out on a very reliable income stream. Check your phone bill. If you see 25-50 cents to 13 or 13xx numbers, then you are a victim of the Security Industry Rebate Scam.

How to avoid high call costs and use your Internet connection with an ADT Alarm System

For just $4.95 per month, the IP Alarms NBN Upgrade allows you to use your existing VoIP equipment and service to reliably send alarm signals to ADT. If you do not have VoIP service, then you can use an 'off the shelf' Cisco SPA112 or SPA3102 VoIP adapter with our custom firmware instead. The end result is the same - you make savings by disconnecting your PSTN line and you avoid expensive call costs to the premium rate phone numbers used by ADT.

We understand that if you have spoken to anyone in the Security Industry, you may have been led to believe that your alarm system will not work over your Internet connection. That's why we give you 3 months free service to find out for yourself.