For over a decade, thousand of users in Australia have used WebQuery on a daily basis for remote access to ADSW alarm monitoring software. The joint venture between IP Alarms and NT Software expired in October 2013 but IP Alarms continue to develop both a local and Cloud based version of WebQuery. If features are missing from ADSW Web and NT Software cannot fulfil your requests in a timely manner, then we'd be happy to talk to you and hopefully put your requests on the WebQuery wish list. We know ADSW inside out and we want to use that knowledge to provide services to the more advanced ADSW control rooms who strive to be on the cutting edge and not be restrained by the boudaries of a Windows network.

WebQuery is the Key to Free your CMS from Analogue Receivers and Phone Lines

IP Alarms offer custom IP phone numbers that your dialler Customers can use to send alarms over PSTN or VoIP directly into the ADSW grid without a requirement for alarm receivers or phone lines at your CMS. WebQuery has the IP Alarms AlarmCloud receiver technology built in and can receive signals over IP from the AlarmCloud platform.

The IP Alarms VoIP Repair technology allows your Contact ID diallers to carry on working even after your Customers switch to VoIP. Customers can use their existing VoIP equipment and network to transmit signals to our VoIP Repair receivers listening on the end of custom IP phone numbers. Once signals have been repaired, they are forwarded immediately via WebQuery into the ADSW grid. At long last, both you and your Customers can be free from the shackles of PSTN.

ADSW Cloud

The ADSW grid has finally escaped from it's 1980's roots and moved to the Cloud. Don't worry, you can still apply the ADSW skin so that your experienced operators are familier with the look and feel of the grid, but your younger and newer operators may be more comfortable with how the new ADSW Cloud grid renders on an iPad and other smart devices. We have put a lot of effort into our 'ADSW Anywhere' development so that managers, operators, tech's and Customers alike can access ADSW data from their favourite device.

Video Verification technology is now available in ADSW Cloud. Each time an alarm signal is received a check is made to find out if any IP Cameras are linked to the account. If there are, then each camera can be recorded according to the stored parameters within the platform. All recorded images plus live view images are made available to ADSW operators in the web browser of their chosen device.